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  • BOXGLOVE products provide damage protection from standard cardboard food service foil and plastic film wrap.

Industry studies reveal common damage results from exposure to water and other liquids, collapse of cardboard walls,

and compromised bottom corner support.

  • Flexible stretchable durable rubber-like material
  • Commercial dish machine washable
  • Raised and recessed bottom embossed pattern reduces pooling of liquids beneath/ helps prevent cross contamination.
  • NSF approved materials
  • Lightweight - makes moving film and foil about work area effortless vs. bulky heavy rigid plastic alternatives
  • Economical- inexpensive compared to alternative
  • Easily removable and reusable - ready for next use
  • Available in grey and food service purple color option to help prevent allergic reactions and cross contamination

when used in best practice environments

  • Material provides tactile surface grip providing stability during use
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